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Advertising – Guidance Notes

If you wish to advertise in the Lampeter Grapevine we will need to have received payment in our account prior to the copy deadline.

All advertisers will be issued with a unique Payment Reference Code upon request. We ask that you use this in all transactions and correspondence, and in particular when using online (banking) systems.

Contact us now for your Payment Reference Code (Email us now)

Once you have your Payment Reference Code this is how it works ……

To request an advert – please send us (Email us now)

•  Details of the size of advert (see below for sizes)

• Your advertising text in MS Word (or similar), pictures and/or graphic images in JPG (MS Publisher format is also ok if you prefer)

•  Instructions or a PDF of how you would like the advert laid out, please be as specific as possible as we do not offer a design service

•  Just a PDF is not good, the image does not reproduce well when printed

• Lampeter Grapevine does not issue Invoices or Receipts

• We will check our bank account, presumably find a payment from you accompanied by your Payment Reference Code, hey presto – your ad will be published

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Copy deadline is always 18:00 on the Friday before the 2nd Saturday of the month – we endeavour to send a ‘week-in-advance’ reminder to all advertisers and contributors.


















Copy Deadline07 Sept12 Oct09 Nov11 Jan08 Feb08 March12 April10 May
Published22 Spet26 Oct24 Nov26 Jan23 Feb23 March27 April25 May
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We greatly prefer electronic payments but appreciate that some people would rather use cheques – and that’s ok with us. Cash is a bit harder but drop us an email and we are sure we can make it happen.

Paying Electronically:

• Bank: NatWest Bank

• Account Name: Transition Llambed Development Trust

• Code: 53 61 42

• Account Number: 67576885

• Please use your Payment Reference Code as the reference

• Please ensure that payment is made before the copy deadline and don’t forget to email to confirm payment has been made, using your Payment Reference Code in the subject line of the email.

Paying by Cheque:

• Please make cheques payable to: TLDT

• Please do NOT make cheques payable to the Grapevine!

• Write your Payment Reference Code on the reverse

• Post to: The Lampeter Grapevine, c/o Victoria Hall, Bryn Road, Lampeter, SA48 7EE.

• Please ensure that it will reach us before the copy deadline and don’t forget to email to confirm payment is on its way, using your Payment Reference Code in the subject line of the email.

Guidelines for sending us images or artwork

Resolution – Minimum DPI (dots/pixels per inch) for images is 300 dpi. You need to send us images at the size they are to be in the layout – bigger if possible. Loss of quality can occur if much resizing is needed.

The newsletter is printed in “greyscale” (black, grey & white). If you send us colour images, think about whether they’ll look OK in greyscale.

We prefer the jpg file format but can also accept tif, gif, bmp or png

We cannot accept PDF’s other than as a representation of the layout

Please do not send images embedded within a Word document – send the image separately as a jpg

Please do contact us (well before the copy deadline if possible) if you are unsure about, or need help with formatting your image.



 Approximate SizeCost Per EditionRef
Full Page277mm deep x 190mm wide, to sit on page with 10mm white border£84.00FP
Full Page (Back Page)277mm deep x 190mm wide, to sit on page with 10mm white border£96.00FPB

On pages with a standard 2-column layout

Half Page Horizontal136mm deep x 190mm wide£48.002A
Half Page Vertical277mm deep x 92mm wide£48.002B
Quarter Page136mm deep x 92mm wide£30.002C
Eighth Page65mm deep x 92mm wide£15.002D
Sixteenth Page65mm deep x 43mm wide£7.502E

On pages with a 3-column layout

Full Column277mm deep x 60mm wide£48.003A
Three-Quarter Column206mm deep x 60mm wide £36.003B
Half Column136mm deep x 60mm wide£24.003C
Double Quarter Column65mm deep x 125mm wide£24.003D
Quarter Column65mm deep x 60mm wide£12.003E


 Five Issues for the price of Four

Classified Ads (words only)

£2.50 per 20 words
£2.50 minimum


 Five Issues for the price of Four

Job Adverts

Maximum 35 words

Listing & Therapist Section



What’s on, events, regular classes, courses, meetings, religious services and gatherings

View a PDF copy by clicking the link below.

 Lampeter Grapevine – Advertising Guidance Notes