Peoples Market at the Victoria Hall – Lampeter

The Peoples Market

Transition Llambed Development Trust are the people behind the Peoples Markets in Lampeter. We are passionate about supporting and helping small businesses grow by creating a space for them to literally take their products to market, helping get the very best food straight from the farm, to the kitchen, to your plate.

We started as the People’s Market in 2015 and since then our passion for food has only grown much like the People’s Market itself, leading to other markets and events across the county. The People’s Market is a not for profit, community driven event, run by volunteers to bring quality, locally produced food and drink into easy reach of everyone in the local community.

Our aim remains to ensure that everyone in Lampeter and surrounding communities have the opportunity, ability and confidence to access a healthy and acceptable diet for themselves, their families and their communities.

If you are interested in visiting or even renting a stall at the Peoples Market – Lampeter please contact us here

You can also support your local peoples market by donating as little as £1.00. By showing your support you will be helping local businesses in your community to survive and bring you fresh locally produced, food, crafts & more.