Welcome to the Victoria Hall – Lampeter

The Victoria Hall – Lampeter

Throughout the ages The Victoria Hall – Lampeter has always had a good reputation for being a vibrant and exciting town venue. Bringing a diverse range of groups with plenty to offer to the bustling town of Lampeter and it’s surrounding communities. 

We have been honoured to be able to provide you with a great selection of performances by many different artists making the Victoria Hall – Lampeter the perfect venue for you.

Furthermore there are a variety of activities, classes and events taking place frequently. Located in the heart of Lampeter, the Victoria Hall has a good reputation for shows, music and food. With a capacity of 500 it’s probably the perfect venue to enjoy a fantastic night. 



Our Mission

Our mission is to create a place where community groups can meet, gain advice & assistance, learn new skills and even see entertainment. Together with your help we are able to achieve this on a daily basis. 

Today the Victoria Hall is used by a diverse range of community and private groups. With each new group brings a selection of activities, classes and live entertainment suited for all ages. 

See what’s on at the Victoria Hall – Lampeter by clicking here.