The Victoria Hall, Bryn Road, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 7EE

About us -Transition Llambed Development Trust

Lampeter's community hall

About Us – Transition Llambed Development Trust 

Who we are

Transition Llambed Development Trust was formed from Transition Llambed a branch of the Transition Network, a movement of communities uniting to build a sustainable future. Primarily formed to perform the daily running of the Victoria Hall, we oversee the function of a diverse set of community projects.

What we believe

We believe working together as a community, we can unleash our collective genius to have a greater impact together than we can as individuals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and promote positive possibilities by using creative ways to engage and involve people in building resilient communities. In the process we introduce communities to alternative ways to create a sustainable future without the use of fossil fuels.

For more information about the Transition Network and how you can get involved in supporting your community, click here.

What we aim to achieve

“Increasing opportunities and developing a sustainable future for Lampeter’s residents by building a resilient community”.

General Aims and Objectives included in the Memorandum And Articles Of Association for Transition Llambed Town Development Trust no 07035904

  1. Promoting and sharing best practice models and knowledge to reduce food miles and minimise the carbon footprint to encourage environmental sustainability; 
  2. Stimulating the health and well being of the community by supporting and developing opportunities for the community to access Local Produce, Green Products and Local Crafts;
  3. Advancing the understanding, education and awareness amongst the public of the benefits of Local Food, Drink and Associated Products, Green Products and Local Crafts;
  4. Involving the community by providing education, training and local employment opportunities within the agri food sector, Green Products and Local Crafts;
  5. Creating and promoting economic regeneration and diversification opportunities for producers in Ceredigion and surrounding areas, by encouraging business and community participation and rural sustainability; 
  6. Developing a consortia of businesses/individuals to market collaboratively, develop supply chain efficiency, identify further commercial opportunities and showcase a diverse range of Local Produce and Associated Products, Green Products and Local Crafts.

Transition Llambed Development Trust, is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales no 0703590