To promote, establish, operate and/or support activities and projects within the community.

Victoria Hall, Community Venue

In 2009 the Victoria Hall at Bryn Road, Lampeter was leased to Transition Llambed Development Trust. The hall had gone through many years of disuse and neglect and we took on the task of running activities for and classes for the community.

Covid-19 Relief

We helped form many community groups during those first few years and expanded services for young people. Lampeter was a growing town and eventually funding was applied for to refurbish the hall. All this was happening while activities were still being run for women, older people and the youth. For a short period during construction of the hall and and COVID-19 our services have ceased. Over the past 12 years the local community used the hall for family gatherings, dance, drama, aerobics, music, youth club. The current hall is now able to accommodate many more fitness, art, social, recreational classes including the free food project which distributes free food to all members of the community that are currently finding themselves faced with poverty.

Victoria Hall Community Venue has always been able to sustain itself over the last 12 years and has helped out the local community. During the COVID-19 emergency since March this year we have worked closely together to support vulnerable, isolated people with shopping and medication. This period has left us in great difficulties in trying to open up again as we have had little rental income for almost 9 months now. We would so appreciate the support of the local community to help us fundraise, bring staff back and help support services for the future.

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy some photographic memories

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