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Events for February 2024

  • 2023/07/08
  • 07:30 PM
  • Venue Llambed – Victoria Hall, Lampeter

Dewch draw i Twmpath a gig Bwca nos Sadwrn 8 fed o Orffennaf 7.30 Neuadd Fictoria fel rhan o Ffair Iaith Llanbed

Digwyddiadau’r dydd : 2-5 o’r gloch yn Neuadd Fwyd, Prifysgol Llanbed.

Rhywbeth i’r teulu cyfan.

Join us in Victoria Hall for a Twmpath and a gig with Bwca, Saturday 8th of July 7.30pm as part pf the Ffair Iaith / Language Fair.

All other events during the day will be held in The Food Hall Lampeter University from 2-5 o’clock.

Something for the whole family.